American Couples Series

South Carolina 2017 Schedule

Don Goodfellow and Martha Goodfellow - 864-630-3183

Entry Fee $100 Per Team

2017 Schedule

Date/Results Lake/Info Ramp Register
11/05/2016 Clarks Hill Dorn Sports Facility
03/04/2017 Lake Murray Lighthouse Marina
03/25/2017 Lake Hartwell Portman Marina
04/08/2017 Lake Keowee South Cove
05/20/2017 Lake Rusell Richard B Russell State Park
06/03/2017 Lake Greenwood One Stop Marina




Division News

- Lake Keowee Win for Hanna and T.J. Souther

- Lake Hartwell Victory for Sherry Farrow and Sean Hall

- Ann and Ben Lee Win on Lake Murray

- Bill Cain and Tricia Wood Win Clarks Hill

- A Clear Victory for Susan and John Mills

- Amanda and Vince Smith Take the Victory on Lake Russell

- Amanda and Vince Smith Win on Lake Keowee

- Tricia Wood and Bill Cain Dominate on Lake Hartwell

- Donna and John Branstetter Win on Lake Murray

- Victoria and Dale Goff Land Clarks Hill Victory

- South Carolina Division Couples Anglers of the Year

- Donna and John Branstetter Shine on Lake Greenwood

- Candace and Jack Veal Claim Lake Russell Victory

- Susan and John Mills Lake Keowee Success

- Susan and John Mills Win on Lake Hartwell

- Michelle and David Ashmore Master Lake Murray

Entry Fees:
Division: $100 Boater Per Team
Ray Scott Cup - No Entry Fee

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Divisional News

Lake Keowee Win for Hanna and T.J. Souther
April 8th was a beautiful day for South Carolina Couples.  Storms and high winds earlier in the week settled down for a pleasant Saturday.  All the twenty-four teams caught fish.  114 fish were weighed with 100% released to be caught again.

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Lake Hartwell Victory for Sherry Farrow and Sean Hall

It was a beautiful spring day on Lake Hartwell for the South Carolina Couples on Saturday, March 25.  Twenty-five teams enjoyed the outdoors, fellowship and some good angling. 115 bass were brought to the scales with 100% released to catch another day.

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Ann and Ben Lee Win on Lake Murray

Thirty-two South Carolina Couples launched from Lake Murray’s Lighthouse Marina on March 4th. It was a cold and crisp 30 degree winter morning. Nature provided a pleasant 65 degree afternoon for weigh-in.  All of the 111 bass brought to the scales were released alive, healthy and happy. The great turn-out provided the opportunity to pay 6 places. Ann and Ben Lee of Lexington, South Carolina claimed first place with a hefty 20.4 pound sack. Anchoring their 5-fish bag was Ben’s 7.1 pound Men’s Big Fish. They caught their fish flipping a jig to docks and wood.

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Bill Cain and Tricia Wood Win Clarks Hill

A chilly fall morning led to a comfortable afternoon for South Carolina Couples on Clarks Hill. The November 5th event was well attended with 31 teams participating. 130 fish were brought to the scales. 13 new couples joined the division.

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A Clear Victory for Susan and John Mills

Twenty-three teams showed up for the last tournament of the South Carolina Couples’ season on Lake Greenwood on June 4.  The One-Stop Marina opened early to provide snacks, coffee and, of course, restroom availability. A pleasant 70 degree morning gave way to a warm 90 degree afternoon as the early signs of summer started to show.

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Amanda and Vince Smith Take the Victory on Lake Russell

A stormy week through Friday night cleared just in time for the South Carolina Couples Tournament pre-dawn safety meeting on Saturday, May 21st.  All of the 25 teams weighed fish on what turned out to be a pleasant fishing day.

Amanda and Vince Smith from Westminster, South Carolina claimed first place honors with a five fish sack weighing 13.94 pounds.  Their fish were caught shallow with topwater lures.

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Amanda and Vince Smith Win on Lake Keowee

Thirty South Carolina Couples enjoyed pleasant conditions in their Lake Keowee tournament on April 23.   All of the 112 fish weighed were released healthy and happy.

First place was taken by Amanda and Vince Smith with 5 fish weighing 12.6 pounds.  Their limit included Vince’s 4.2 pound Men’s Big Bass.  Their fish were caught on two different patterns.  Three fish came on a “Scrounger” in three feet of water.  Two fish were caught sight fishing.  The Smiths live in Westminster, South Carolina.

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Tricia Wood and Bill Cain Dominate on Lake Hartwell

A cool misty morning on Lake Hartwell did not deter 37 South Carolina Couples Teams on Saturday, April 2.  An overcast morning led to afternoon winds as high as 25 mph.  All of the teams safely handled the conditions.

Some solid 5-fish limits of fish were weighed.  But, none came close to the 25.1-pound sack turned in by Tricia Wood and Bill Cain.  This bag included Tricia’s Ladies Big Fish at 4.3 pounds.  Bill’s monster 8-pounder easily claimed the Men’s Big Bass award. Bill and Tricia shared that they caught their fish on points with swimbaits near the Hartwell dam in less than eight feet of water.  They also got a few on topwater in the morning.  

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Donna and John Branstetter Win on Lake Murray

By: Don and Martha Goodfellow

Spring fever had a grip on South Carolina bass anglers on Saturday, March 12.  Thirty-seven teams were at the ramp for the pre-dawn safety meeting.  A comfortable 55 degree morning yielded afternoon temperatures in the high 70’s.  Light breezes contributed to a beautiful spring day.

Donna and John Branstetter took first place honors with a five-fish sack weighing 18.9 pounds.  Donna’s four-pounder was a significant contributor to their winning weight.  Their early fish were caught with weightless worms over grass in a foot of water.  They flipped craws to shallow targets the rest of the day.  John also attributed their success to their Abu Garcia tackle and Berkley Trilene fluorocarbon line.  Donna and John live in Lexington, South Carolina.

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Victoria and Dale Goff Land Clarks Hill Victory

Twenty-one teams showed up for the November 7, 2015 South Carolina American Couples Series tournament on Clarks Hill. The weather cooperated nicely as the forecasted all-day rain did not develop. There were only brief periods of rain with mild temperatures. Rain earlier in the week brought the lake level up several feet.

The changing conditions did not deter Victoria and Dale Goff from landing a solid five fish limit at 11.8 pounds. Their first place sack came down lake on points from 15 to 25 feet of water with Zoom Baby Brush Hogs.  Victoria’s three pounder was the key to their success.

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South Carolina Division Couples Anglers of the Year

A third place finish in the season finale of the South Carolina division of the American Couples Series on Lake Greenwood sealed the division Anglers of the Year title for Susan and John Mills. First place finishes in March and April set them up nicely for a great year.

The Mills' accomplishment is particularly noteworthy because Susan has been dealing with medical issues this season.  Her positive attitude and determination kept their team in contention throughout the season.  This included Susan’s Ladie's Big Bass on Lake Hartwell in March. 

Susan and John were presented with a South Carolina Couples Division crystal recognizing their accomplishment.  Donna and John Branstetter secured "honorable mention" with a second place finish in the Anglers of the Year race.  Martha and Don Goodfellow were third.

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Donna and John Branstetter Shine on Lake Greenwood

Fourteen teams showed up for South Carolina's season finale on Lake Greenwood on June 13th. Summer conditions were starting to show as temperatures hit the 90 degree mark. Only three 5-fish limits were weighed.

Donna and John Branstetter took first place with a 5-fish sack weighing 12.4 pounds. In the bag was Donna's 5.9 pounder. Her fish claimed the Ladies Big Bass prize and also tournament big fish honors. Their success came tossing Zoom trick worms to brush in 12 to 18 foot depths. Donna and John also mentioned their effective Abu Garcia Veritas and Villian 2.0 series rods which helped make their "perfect" fishing trip. We're sure their new Dodge Ram also helped.

Tammy and J.B. Wicker took second place with 10.6 pounds in a 4-fish sack. Tammy's 5.3 pounder was a significant contributor to their great finish. The Wickers also found their fish on brush in 18 to 20 feet. Carolina rigged Ol' Monster worms were their key.

Craig Sahms claimed Mens Big Bass with a 2.9 pounder. This fish bit a weightless worm early in the day in the shade of a seawall. Craig described seeing other nice fish cruising the wall, but he couldn't entice them to bite.

Susan and John Mills grabbed third place with 10.1 pounds. Victoria and Dale Goff took forth place with a 5-fish limit at 8.6 pounds. Ana and Brad Rutherford got fifth place with 5.6 pounds.

After weigh-in, anglers headed for a late lunch in the shade of the porch at nearby Harris Landing. Presentation of Lake Greenwood awards was followed by awards and recognition of 2015 season accomplishments.

David Ashmore was awarded a gallon of Mercury Optimax Oil for his Mens Big Bass of the Year. His hefty 7.4 pounder came early in the season on Lake Murray. The Mercury oil was contributed by Strickland Marine of Anderson and Seneca, South Carolina.

Donna Branstetter got Ladies Big Bass of the Year for her Lake Greenwood 5.9 pounder. John Mills presented Donna a crystal recognizing her accomplishment. The crystal is in memory of Donna Poteat, a cherished South Carolina angler who passed away late last year.

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Candace and Jack Veal Claim Lake Russell Victory

Sixteen teams showed up in the early hours of May 23 to participate in the South Carolina Couples Lake Russell Tournament.   The South Carolina Division launched at Georgia's Richard B. Russell State Park.   The very warm days of the previous week gave way to a cool morning and comfortable afternoon.

Candace and Jack Veal were the clear leaders with a hefty 11.6 pound 5-fish sack.   Their home is Columbia, South Carolina.  Their fish included Jack's Men's Big Bass (5.6 pounds) and Candace's Ladies' Big Bass (2.2 pounds).  They had no fish in the livewell at 12:30 pm.   Patience paid off as they stuck to the pattern that had produced fish on their practice day.   They caught their fish in one of Lake Russell's many pockets with trees.   Their winning bait was a Zoom Magnum Shakey-Head worm worked in trees, in the 20-25 feet depths.   

Martha and Don Goodfellow (Simpsonville, SC) claimed second place with 5 fish weighing 8.3 pounds.  They culled through a dozen keepers during the day.  Their better fish came on Carolina rigs (River Runner Baits, green pumpkin 6-inch lizards) and a Yo-Zuri crankbait (a new 3DS deep diver in Tennessee Shad, closely resembles Lake Russell's Blueback Herring).  Rocky points proved to be an important part of their pattern.

Debbie and Bob Brown's 7.7 pound 5 fish sack got third place.   Debbie and Bob hail from Seneca, South Carolina.   A healthy 4-pounder late in the day secured their success.   This big bass came on a paddle-tail swim jig on a cedar tree, only 4 feet deep.  

Susan and John Mills (Leesville, SC) claimed forth place with 7.1 pounds.  The team of Judy Clark and Jason Burroughs secured fifth place with 6.0 pounds.  Jason routinely fishes ABA's Weekend Bass Series.  This was the first time that his mother, Judy, fished a tournament with Jason.

Special thanks to Strickland Marine for their continued support of the South Carolina Couples.   Their facilities in Anderson and Seneca, South Carolina, offer excellent customer service.  Three gallons of Mercury oil have been contributed for each of the 2015 tournaments.  A drawing at weigh-in allows three more teams that didn't claim top places to go home with a meaningful prize.

South Carolina Couples next event will be held June 13, 2015 on Lake Greenwood, out of One Stop Marina.   For more information, call 864-630-3183 or email

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Susan and John Mills Lake Keowee Success
April showers eased long enough for the South Carolina Couples tournament on Lake Keowee.   Weather cleared on Saturday morning, April 18, and held through a beautiful afternoon.
Susan and John Mills, Leesville, SC, captured first place with 13 pounds.  Their shakey-head technique on grassy humps proved effective.   However, their greatest accomplishment was recovering from a dead cranking battery with less than 20 minutes and several miles to get to weigh-in on time.   They didn’t have jumper cables.   A likely record was set in locating the tool box, swapping cranking and trolling motor batteries, and safely flying back to the ramp with one minute to spare.
Second place was claimed by Sheri and Lorne DeBord, Warrenville, SC.  Sheri's 3.25 pounder was the Ladies Big Bass.  It was caught on a Carolina Rig, 18 feet deep.   All of the DeBord's fish came on a Carolina Rig.  Their bag of fish weighed 12.31 pounds.

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Susan and John Mills Win on Lake Hartwell
The 35 degree morning did not deter 18 teams from participating in the American Bass Anglers Couples Tournament on Lake Hartwell.   The chilly March 28 Saturday morning gave way to a sunny and pleasant afternoon.  All of the couples brought fish to the scales.
Susan and John Mills took first place honors with a 5 fish limit weighing 15.1 pounds.  Susan's 3.7 pound largemouth was the Ladies Big Bass.  Her winning fish came pitching a Texas rigged green pumpkin worm to a dock.  Susan said that they saw the fish, and it saw them, as they went by a dock the first time.   They moved away for a few minutes, then came back and cast the worm to the dock from a distance, and the fish took the worm.   The Mills are from Leesville, South Carolina.
Gary Heinly claimed Mens Big Bass.  It topped the scales at 5.2 pounds.  Gary was using a green pumpkin trick worm by a dock.  Gary and Beverly Heinly are from Chapin, South Carolina.

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Michelle and David Ashmore Master Lake Murray


Athens, AL - Lake Murray lured 18 teams for the season opener of South Carolina's Couples Series on March 7.  A chilly 28 degree morning led to a 62 degree afternoon with plentiful sunshine.

Michelle and David Ashmore took first place honors. The Ashmore's winning 4-fish sack weighed in at 15.4 pounds. In the sack was David's men's big bass (7.4 pounds).  Their success came in front of docks with jigs and shakey-heads in the clearer water toward the dam. They only had 4 bites all day, but got them all in the boat.  Michelle and David live in Simpsonville, South Carolina.

Janette and Charles Rodgers, from Cayce, South Carolina, claimed second place.  Their 3 bass weighed 10.3 pounds.  This included Janette's 5-pound Ladies Big Bass. Their fish came on a crankbait and a jerk bait. 

Third place went to Tami and Jimmy Raper of Easley, South Carolina.  Their 4-fish sack weighed 8.8 pounds. Tami and Jimmy also caught their fish on docks in clearer water.  A shakey-head was their bait of choice.

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