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American Couples Series Information


The Couples Series of American Bass Anglers is a unique format.   It is a team format for one male and one female angler.   As you might expect, many teams are married couples.  But, there are also plenty of teams with girlfriend/boyfriend, parent/child, grandparent/grandchild, friends and relatives.
The number, location and dates of Couples Series tournaments vary by Division.   Specific information for each division is available at  ABACouples.com 
ABA membership is required to fish the events. There is a Family membership for teams that are within the same family. The difference in a Family membership is on membership packet is sent out and the Family membership recieve just one magazine per address. 
Entry Fee for events are $100 per team. Payout for each tournament goes to the top 20% of teams.  There are optional pots for Ladies Big Bass and Mens Big Bass.   Entry fees and ABA memberships can be paid at the ramp on the morning of the tournaments or on-line.  Regular season tournaments offer an avenue to qualify for the American Couples Series Championship. 
The Couples Series blends fun and fellowship with competitive angling.   People from every division often comment on the life-long relationships they have developed through the Couples Series.   Comments are plentiful about how easy it is to meet other anglers.
The American Couples Series Championship is no exception.   American Bass Anglers has developed an entertaining environment for registration dinners, weigh-ins and awards.   The team winning the National Championship earns boater and co-angler spots in the annual Ray Scott Championship, providing an opportunity for very significant prizes.
A point system has also been developed to determine the National Couples Series Anglers of the Year.   This award is yet another opportunity for recognition and significant prizes. 
How to start? First, sign up for an ABA membership at  ABACouples.com, next,  contact the local director's of your local Couples Division. The directors are your best source of information about upcoming events and activities. 
As you have questions feel free to email info@americanbassanglers or contact your local director. Also, the ABA Members Services are available from 8am - 5pm Monday through Friday and are always available to assist you.